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This course- taxation is a two months course that provides students with a basic
understanding of the concepts, terminology, and decision-making skills
specific to the discipline of taxation that are germane to the professional
development of those preparing for a career in accounting. This course is
divided into four weeks each with specific and progressive study for each
week in the first and the second months. Students would be expected to take an
examination at the end of the study. As a result, Multiple Choice Questions
(MCQ) is provided at the end of the first and second four weeks (week 1-4 and
5-8) for students’ assessment. It is imperative to ascertain that students have
thoroughly studied their materials and have been equipped with the required
knowledge and skill of taxation.

Note: Endeavor to take the first MCQ after the first 4 weeks of the course before proceeding to week 5-8 course work.


The study covers a number of topics that are carefully selected to equip the
students for their career endeavours in taxation. It is sub-divided into eight
weeks with week 1-4 in the first month and week 5-8 for the second month.
Therefore, week one covers introduction to taxation, while week two covers the
equity implications of taxation and tax incidence. In week three, tax
compliance, the IRS and tax authorities are discussed and week four covers tax
inefficiencies and their implications for optimal taxation.
Week 5-8 cover a group of topics that further equip the students with
unavoidably knowledge in taxation. In the week five, the study covers optimal
income taxes; week six: taxes on labour supply; week seven: taxes on savings,
while in week eight, it covers taxes on risk taking and wealth.


The aim of the course is to equip the students with necessary knowledge in
taxation. It is aimed at introducing the students to the general concept of
taxation, the equity implications of taxation and tax incidence, tax compliance,
the IRS and tax authorities, tax inefficiencies and their implications for optimal
taxation, optimal income taxes, taxes on labour supply, taxes on savings and
taxes on risk taking and wealth.

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