Are there any English language requirements?

For students who do not live or come from an English language speaking country then we recommend taking an IELTS course to improve your language to level 5.5 or higher. This can be done alongside our courses. Your minimum level of English may vary depending upon which university you decide to complete your top up qualification from.

Do I need any previous experience and qualifications?

For the ATHE and OTHM pathways, you will need to have an IELTS score of level 5.5 or above on completion of the OBS course. At level 4/5 you will require a full secondary education to be eligible to enroll onto the course and universities will require a minimum age before embarking on the university top-up programme. At Level 7 you will require 5 years managerial experience if you do not have a BA degree. This may vary for various University partners however. We will look at every application individually and some exceptions may be looked at.

How do I apply for a course?

You can call our Admission/Enrollments team on the numbers above or send an email stating your proposed course of study.  Alternatively you can enroll online via our Online Application Portal (coming soon).

Is there any financial assistance available?

GSBMS offers an interest free payment plan so that you can pay for your course over a set number of months. Contact one of our student advisers for more information about this. UK students may also be eligible for student loans for the university top-up programme. Learners should make enquiries direct to their chosen university.

How can I pay for my fees as an overseas student?

GSBMS currently takes bank transfers only.  However, we are in a process of implementing Paypal for Credit/Debit Card payments. Alternatively you can contact [email protected] for payment direction.

Do I need a visa to complete modules/course

For distance learning through OTHM and ATHE pathways, no visa is required for online study. If a student chooses to take the university top-up programme on campus in the UK, a student visa will be required. Learners should request this through their chosen university.

For workshops/seminars and other short executive courses scheduled for the UAE or other locations, contact GSBMS for visa advisory services.

Can I study anywhere in the world?

Yes. There are no geographical limitations.

You still have more questions?