It is our esteem pleasure to introduce Gulf School of Business and Management Studies. FZ LLC. (GSBMS), an off shoot of Gulf School of Business and Management Studies Limited registered in England & Wales.

GSBMS is an institutional hub for specialized skills acquisition, established and accredited to deliver a wide range of quality training programs in Finance, Management, Human Resources and Leadership skills.

We are an established and popular company with an excellent track record as a provider of Specialized Skills Training model and we strive in meeting the business and management educational needs of Professionals and Corporate Organisations. Our trainings and programs are prepared and delivered at the highest standards of quality and are ever responsive and relevant to professional and industry needs.

We also organize trainings, conferences and seminars for health professionals both home and abroad.

The demand of the emerging knowledge economy requires a specialized and a global network insight that is experiential, practical and cerebral. This is the unique feature of GSBMS Specialized Training and Certification.

We have never compromised on the quality of our curriculum delivery to our students. We believe in keeping students happy and providing them with quality and quantitative training at a very competitive price. We are professionals with excellent staff that guide you with our programs and training to suit your individual professional topmost needs by keeping in constant touch with you and informing you about scheduled trainings and events.